[Careers, Training, Awards and Funding] Call for Applicants

Call for Applications:
FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School

In order to promote junior scientists in early career stages and to facilitate scientific exchanges between the members of the Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) and FENS, under the FENS-JNS agreement, JNS and FENS provide support for travel and/or accommodation costs associated with participation in respective JNS or FENS Meetings, or FENS supported School. Stipends of up to a maximum of €4,000 (€1,000 per person x 4) provide support for the actual travel expenses (economy flight only) and expenses linked to accommodation during the annual or biennial meetings, or the training period. This program is designed to help junior researchers broaden their research perspective and to encourage their research and network building in the scientific community. The program specifically targets undergraduate or graduate students working towards a master or PhD degree, or junior postdocs (less than three years after obtaining PhD at the time of the application deadline). Participation is supported for FENS biennial meetings in the even years, or new from this year, the FENS-sponsored Summer/Winter Schools in odd years.
We are now calling for the application for 2023 FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School, as detailed below.
Yukiko Goda
Chair of International Collaboration Affairs Committee, JNS

FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School on “Motor control: from thought to action”

Eligibility criteria:
The applicants must be JNS members.
Application documents:
Materials for application
(Whenever possible, all the materials should be combined into a single PDF file with the applicant’s name included in the file name.)
  1. Application format
    Institution and Department
    Address, Telephone, E-mail
    JNS membership ID
    Gender (Male or Female) (optional)
    Undergraduate Student: Estimated Date of Graduation
    Graduate Student: Date of PhD started and Estimated Date of PhD Completion
    Post-Doctoral Fellow/ Researcher: Date of PhD Completion
    Fellow / Researcher: Date of PhD completion (or Estimated date of PhD completion)

    A paragraph (200-250 words) describing what the applicant expects to achieve by attending the training course.
  2. A one-page curriculum vitae from the applicant, including the following information: education, including the date when the applicant advanced to candidacy for the PhD, honors/awards and publications lists (abstracts and articles)
  3. Past research experience and accomplishments
  4. A one-page letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor
All documents should be written in English.
Application address:
Please save the file:Your Membership ID + your name.docx or .pdf.
Application deadline:
March 2nd, 2023 at noon (JST)