[Careers, Training, Awards and Funding] All Awardees of the Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award - Fiscal Year 2019

The Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award in 2019 fiscal year was announced to go to the five following researchers. The ceremony will be held during the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society.

Dr. Natsumi Ageta-Ishihara
Nagoya University Graduate School of Science
Theme:The physiological roles of septin in the formation and maturation of neuronal circuits
Dr. Teruko Danjo
Laboratory for Systems Neurophysiology, RIKEN Center for Brain Science
Theme:Spatial representations of self and other in the hippocampus
Dr. Takayasu Mikuni
Brain Research Institute, Niigata University
Theme:Technologies to understand protein function in the brain
Dr. Ikuo K. Suzuki
Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Theme:Neural stem cell mechanisms driving vertebrate brain evolution
Dr. Aya Takeoka
Flanders Institute for Biotechnology / KU Leuven
Theme:Proprioception: Bottom-up directive for motor recovery after spinal cord injury
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