[Careers, Training, Awards and Funding] Call for Nominations of the 2025 Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award

This Award is directed to young researchers who have obtained their PhD or equivalent degrees within the past 10 years (see Eligibility).
Award recipients will be selected based on their research achievements, research plans and their record of activity in support of the Japan Neuroscience Society, including presentations at the annual meeting, but not on their individual publications. We encourage applications from a wide variety of research fields and will strive to avoid bias towards fields where publication number is typically much higher.
We expect to receive many applications for this competitive award and would like to particularly encourage female researchers to apply.
• Application Period:
September 1 – October 1, 2024
(Deadline: October 1, 2024 at 23:59 in Japan Standard Time)
• Eligibility:
Applicants must meet both of the criteria below at the time of application deadline.(Rules and Regulations 2.)
  1. Researchers who have been active members of the Japan Neuroscience Society for at least three years in total.
  2. As a general rule*, researchers who have obtained their doctorate or comparable academic degree within the past 10 years.
* If the research activity is suspended due to the following reasons, it will be considered. Please clearly state the reason, duration, and extent of the suspension in the CV.
  • Life events (Maternity leave, Childcare leave, Nursing care leave, etc.)
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as severe disasters (including infectious disease pandemics) (Maximum suspension period: 1 year)
• How to Apply:
The application method has been changed to e-mail application instead of paper application. Please prepare the following documents in electronic format and send them to the secretariat <application@jnss.org> by e-mail. If the total size of all the files is large, exceeding 10MB, please send them in several separate e-mails or use a file transfer service on the web.
  1. The Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award Application Form(Figures can be included)
    (The download link is at the bottom of the page.)
    * The recommendation form included in the application form should be sent to the secretariat <application@jnss.org> separately by the recommender via e-mail, not by the applicant himself/herself.
    * The recommender must be a member of the JNS the Japan Neuroscience Society.
  2. CV (Free format. If there was a period of time when research activities were suspended due to life events, severe disasters (including pandemics of infectious diseases), etc., this may be included. Please see Eligibility.)
  3. Reprints of up to 3 related articles (if the articles are in press, copies of the acceptance e-mails and manuscript files)
• Application Deadline:
October 1, 2024
• Selection Procedures:
The screening will be conducted by the Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award Selection Committee. Candidates selected in the initial screening (Document Screening) may proceed to the second screening (Manuscript Submission to Neuroscience Research).
Document Screening (Application Deadline: October 1, 2024 at 23:59 in Japan Standard Time)
The Award Selection Committee will carefully review the application forms and select up to five candidates.
Manuscript Submission (Submission Deadline: March 31, 2025 at 23:59 in Japan Standard Time)
Persons who pass the initial screening are required to submit a review article on the content of the awarded research to Neuroscience Research, the official journal of the society. The Award Selection Committee will confirm the content of the submitted manuscript and then make the final decision on the awardee (Rules and Regulations 3).
Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board of Neuroscience Research to determine whether or not they will be published in the journal. For details of the selection process, please refer to the Rules and Regulations of the award.

*In principle, the review article for the second screening should be the sole work of the informal candidate himself/herself.(Detailed Regulations 5(Application)-3)
*In case that the manuscript submitted for the second screening is accepted for publication, the publication fees are covered by the Society.

• Notification of the Result:
After the selection committee decides on the acceptance or rejection of the application, and with the approval of the president of the society, the result of the initial screening will be notified to all the applicants around the end of November or the beginning of December, and the results of the second screening will be notified in early April 2025.
• Supplemental Prize:
100,000 yen
• To the award winners:
The award winners will be asked to write "Comments on receiving the award" which will be posted on the Society's website.
• Awards and prize money:
The award and prize money will be presented at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society to be held in July 24 to July 27, 2025.
• Information on other awards recommended by the Society:
Applicants for this award, regardless of the result of the screening, may receive information by e-mail about the call for other awards and grants recommended by the society for young people (45 years old or younger). If you do not wish to receive such information, please let the secretariat of the society know.
The Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award Rules and Regulations
The Japan Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award Application Form (MS WORD)