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Call for Proposals of Collaboration Research for
Development of Techniques in Brain Science Database Field

While the importance of constructing large scale database on brain science and of the brain science research utilizing them is pointed out, they are practically quite undeveloped fields, and few researchers are involved. To promote research in this field and foster researchers involved in the research, CBS has set up a collaboration research system to develop database related technologies in the field of brain science with researchers in a wide range of fields. In 2019FY, each successful application will be provided with a support of up to 2.5 million yen, and up to 8 cases will be supported. The application guidelines are available at the following website. We hope to receive many applications. The deadline for applications is May 6, 2019.


Contact address cbs_db_appli[at]ml.riken.jp (Please replace “[at]” with “@”)
Application for Collaboration Research for Brain Science Database Technology Development, Office of the Center Director, RIKEN Center for Brain Science