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he Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) and FENS support under the FENS-JNS agreement to facilitate science exchange among their members travel and/or accommodation costs associated with participation in respective JNS or FENS Meetings, or FENS supported Cajal training courses. This stipends up to a maximum of € 4,000(€1,000 per person or 2,000 per person) cover the actual travel expenses (economy flight only) and expenses linked to accommodation during the annual or biennial meetings, or the training period. This program is designed to help researchers broaden their research perspective and to encourage their research and social interaction. JNS helps and supports undergraduate or graduate students, working towards a master or PhD degree, or early phase postdocs (less than three years after PhD graduation at the time of the application deadline) to join the FENS biennial meetings in the even years, or the FENS-supported Cajal training programs in odd years.

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2019 (Cajal Training Course)

2020 (FENS Forum)