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Vol. 184   Nov-2022 Vol. 183   Oct-2022 Vol. 182   Sep-2022 Vol. 181   Aug-2022
Understanding the internal states of the animal through vocal communications Stepwise synaptic plasticity during sleep drives memory consolidation Functional output pathways from the central circadian clock that regulate sleep and wakefulness Optical imaging and manipulation of sleeping-brain dynamics in memory processing
by Tomomi Karigo by Akihiro Goto by Daisuke Ono by Daisuke Miyamoto
Vol. 180   Jul-2022 Vol. 179   Jun-2022 Vol. 178   May_2022 Vol. 177   Apr-2022
Hemiplegic migraine type 2 with new mutation of the ATP1A2 gene in Japanese cases Special Issue:
Lighting up cosmic neuronal networks with transformative in vivo calcium imaging
The intersection of learning, reasoning and metacognition Potential mechanisms underlying species-specific neurodevelopmental rates
by Ituki Oda et al. Guest Editors:
Masanori Murayama and Hiroaki Wake
by Aurelio Cortese by Ryohei Iwata
Vol. 176   Mar_2022 Vol. 175   Feb-2022 Vol. 174   Jan-2022 Vol. 173   Dec-2021
Neural basis of ovarian sex hormones-dependent behavioral state changes Special Issue:
Constructive Understanding of Multi-scale Dynamism of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
The circuit mechanisms of mating and fighting in male mice Novel Proteomic Approach Split-TurboID to Decipher Astrocyte Function at Synapses
by Sayaka Inoue Guest Editor:
Akiko Hayashi-Takagi
by Takashi Yamaguchi by Tetsuya Takano and Scott H. Soderling
Vol. 172   Nov-2021 Vol. 171   Oct-2021 Vol. 170   Sep-2021 Vol. 169   Aug-2021
Fibroblast model of Alzheimer’s disease by CRISPR activation Disordered glymphatic system in SOD1-linked ALS model mice Firing pattern-dependent gene expression regulates neural map formation in the olfactory bulb Optical probing complex brain circuit dynamics with GECIs
by Keiichi Inoue by Mikako Hirose et al. by Ai Nakashima et al. by Masatoshi Inoue
Vol. 168   Jul-2021 Vol. 167   Jun-2021 Vol. 166   May-2021 Vol. 165   Apr-2021
Special Issue:
Neuro-Molecular Understanding for the Gut-Brain Axis
Special Issue:
Toward understanding of integral processes of circuit formation, maintenance and elimination
Natural and forced neurogenesis in the adult brain Heterogeneity in the hippocampal representation of context
Guest Editors:
Takefumi Kikusui and Shelly A. Buffington
Guest Editors:
Kazuo Emoto, Takao K. Hensch and Michisuke Yuzaki
by Taito Matsuda and Kinichi Nakashima by Kazumasa Z.Tanaka