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Vol. 203   Jun-2024 Vol. 202   May-2024 Vol. 201   Apr-2024 Vol. 200   Mar-2024

Two common issues in synchronized multimodal recordings with EEG

DSCAM: a key factor for selective connectivity between neurons or neuron-glial cell

Special Issue:
How to Study Subjective Experience

Dopamine and Serotonin Functions in the Amygdala in the Regulation of REM Sleep

by Seitaro Iwama et al. by Kento Hizawa et al. Guest Editors: Hakwan Lau and Rebecca Keogh by Emi Hasegawa et al.
Vol. 199   Feb-2024 Vol. 198   Jan-2024 Vol. 197   Dec-2023 Vol. 196   Nov-2023

Dopamine activity during learning links the brain to a machine learning algorithm

Circadian clock neural coding mechanisms engineering sleep in Drosophila

Special Issue:
Mechanisms of Axonal Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System
Male mice change their neural connections to promote paternal caregiving behaviors.
by Ryunosuke Amo by Masashi Tabuchi Guest Editor:
Marco Terenzio
by Kengo Inada et al.
Vol. 195   Oct-2023 Vol. 194   Sep-2023 Vol. 193   Aug-2023 Vol. 192   Jul-2023

Neural basis stabilizing sensory perception even with external input changes

Brain -gut communication contributes temperature acclimation in C. elegans

Low levels of neuronal mislocalized TDP-43 cause FTLD before ALS despite aggregates

Roles of neuropeptides in sleep and memory in Drosophila

by Rie Kimura

by Akane Ohta et al. by Hideki Wada et al. by Sizhe Lyu et al.
Vol. 191   Jun-2023 Vol. 190   May-2023 Vol. 189   Apr-2023 Vol. 188   Mar_2023
Mathematical model links behavior, neural activity, and molecular mechanism Preferential arborization of GABAergic neuron subtypes in mouse claustral subregions Special Issue:
The idling brain in cognition
Synaptic and cellular bases for reward-related learning
by Yosuke Ikejiri et al. by Megumu Takahashi et al. Guest Editors:
Kaoru Inokuchi and Daisuke Miyamoto
by Sho Yagishita
Vol. 187   Feb-2023 Vol. 186   Jan-2023 Vol. 185   Dec-2022 Vol. 184   Nov-2022
Special Issue:
Glial regulation of circuit dynamics and animal behavior
Neuronal activity induces activity-dependent ischemic tolerance Generation of transgenic marmosets expressing Alzheimer's disease-related mutant APP gene Understanding the internal states of the animal through vocal communications

Guest Editors:
Jun Nagai and Tetsuya Takano

by Hiroo Takahashi et al. by Sho Yoshimatsu et al. by Tomomi Karigo