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Vol. 164   Mar_2021 Vol. 163   Feb-2021 Vol. 162   Jan-2021 Vol. 161   Dec-2020
Cellular mechanism of oxygen glucose deprivation

O2 tension, acidosis, and cell density modulate neural differentiation of human iPSCs

Activity-based genetic labeling to investigate diverse cortical computations Repeated defeat experience deprives zebrafish of motivation to fight in social conflict
by Hiroki Toyoda et al.

by Rina Okada et al.

by Tatsuo K. Sato

by Haruna Nakajo et al.

Vol. 160   Nov-2020 Vol. 159   Oct-2020 Vol. 158   Sep-2020 Vol. 157   Aug-2020
Ratio of retained nitrogen and carbon stable isotopes is a novel marker for brain function Special Issue:
The 20th Anniversary of Parkin Discovery
SARS-CoV-2 direct and indirect neuronal effects Heterogeneity of TH-
expressing neurons in the
mouse main olfactory bulb
by Yoshihisa Kudo and Eitaro Wada Guest Editors:
Nobutaka Hattori and
Shigeto Sato
by Domenico Nuzzo and
Pasquale Picone
by Toshio Kosaka et al.
Vol. 156   Jul-2020 Vol. 155   Jun-2020 Vol. 154   May-2020 Vol. 153   Apr-2020
Special Issue:
Oscillology: Nonlinear Neural Oscillations
Devising efficient neural induction methods from marmoset pluripotent stem cells Central mechanism for water-intake induction by increases in [Na+] in body fluids Representations of the other’s place in the hippocampus
Guest Editors:
Atsushi Nambu, Ichiro Tsuda, and Tatsuya Mima
by Sho Yoshimatsu et al. by Hiraki Sakuta et al. by Teruko Danjo
Vol. 152   Mar-2020 Vol. 151   Feb-2020 Vol. 150   Jan-2020 Vol. 149   Dec-2019
Special Issue:
Technologies Advancing Neuroscience
Molecular machinery driving the evolution of human cerebral cortex Imaging endogenous proteins in brain tissue by in vivo genome editing NBM lesion reduces nociception-induced cortical blood fl ow changes
Guest Editors:
Thomas J. McHugh and Kazumasa Z. Tanaka
by Ikuo K. Suzuki by Takayasu Mikuni by Thierry Paquette et al.
Vol. 148   Nov-2019 Vol. 147   Oct-2019 Vol. 146   Sep-2019 Vol. 145   Aug-2019
A theoretical model of cerebellar reinforcement learning Dissociation between accuracy and subjective vividness of motor imagery The ability to monitor pH does not negatively affect ArcLight’s voltage response Sense of being a leader in an interpersonal rhythmic interaction is pleasant for humans
by Tadashi Yamazaki and William Lennon by Nobuaki Mizuguchi et al. by Bok Eum Kang et al. by Hiroka Sabu et al.