[For Members] Regulations on submitting to Neuroscience News

We Welcome Submissions to Neuroscience News

We publish the newsletter “Neuroscience News” 4 times a year. Please download and view all-color PDF version from the following page.
(After issue No.4 of 2021, sending by postal mail of the printed version of Neuroscience News has been discontinued.)

Please submit articles that make a positive contribution to the development of neuroscience [Note 1], such as proposals to the society, comments on neuroscience, laboratory introductions, meeting reports, Neuroscience Topics [Note 2] and book reviews. Submissions should conform to the requirements noted below.

  1. Manuscripts should be sent in the form of an electronic file which complies with the following file format requirements as email attachments to the following email address: newsletter@jnss.org
  1. Manuscript texts should be prepared in MS Word format. Images such as photos and figures should not be embedded in the main body of the manuscript. Send the original files of images separately from the text file.
  2. Images should be in the format of JPEG, TIFF, etc. and have enough resolution, up to 300 pixels or so per inch. Also, the images need to be compressed so that they can be sent by email. Their preferable size is up to about 2 MB to 3 MB per image, which is only as a guide.
  1. An article should be compiled in one or two pages of the newsletter. (In the case of requested manuscript, please ask the person who requested it about the required number of the pages.)

Maximum number of alphanumeric characters per page(s):
  1 page: 4,300 characters
  2 pages: 9,500 characters

An image is counted as alphanumeric characters based on the following criteria. Please specify which size you desire to have each image printed in when submitting images.

The size of images (width and length) and the number of alphanumeric characters replaced:
  Small (①8cm x 6cm): 660 characters
  Medium (②8cm x 12cm) or (③16cm x 6cm): 1,350 characters
  Large (④16cm x 8cm): 1,800 characters

  1. As a rule, replacement of manuscripts is not allowed after submission; it is thus your own responsibility to ensure that they do not contain any errors or mistakes. Please note that the Neuroscience News Editing Committee may ask the authors to revise their documents in certain cases.

  1. The Neuroscience News Editing Committee will decide the acceptance and timing of publication of submitted manuscripts, depending on their contents.

  1. The date of issue of the Neuroscience News and the deadline for the manuscript submission for each issue are usually as follows; however, these dates are subject to change. Please contact the secretariat for the exact dates.

Date of issue and the submission deadline:
(The submission deadline is noted in parentheses.)
February 10th  (Around the end of November)
April 10th  (Around the end of January)
July 10th  (Around the end of April)
November 10th  (Around the end of August)

  1. There is no charge for publication of submissions in Neuroscience News. In principle, the authors of the articles should be members or supporting members of the Japan Neuroscience Society.

  2. The copyright of the articles published in this newsletter belongs to the Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS). However, if the authors and co-authors reproduce articles for academic and educational purposes, no request to JNS is necessary as long as the source is clearly indicated in the acknowledgments or references.

[Note 1]    The timely information regarding job vacancies, academic meetings, symposiums, and
subsidies will be posted on the website of the Japan Neuroscience Society. Please see
< Information about Featured events/ Funds/ Jobs >.


[Note 2]    Regarding publication of Neuroscience Topics, please select one of the following options:
(1) Publication either on our website or Neuroscience News.
(2) Publication both on our website and Neuroscience News.
Regarding the details of Neuroscience Topics, please see
< Submissions to "Neuroscience Topics" >.