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The 2021 Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (MCCS)
Online Workshop

Dec 7 - 8 in Japan
Monday Dec 6, 8pm | EST (US)
Tuesday Dec 7, 2am | Paris, France
Tuesday Dec 7, 10am | Tokyo, Japan
Tuesday Dec 7, 3am | EST (US)
Tuesday Dec 7, 9am | Paris, France
Tuesday Dec 7, 5pm | Tokyo, Japan
Tuesday Dec 7, 11am | EST (US)
Tuesday Dec 7, 5pm | Paris, France
Wednesday Dec 8, 1am | Tokyo, Japan
Asya Rolls (Israel Institute of Technology)
Magdalena Polymenidou (University of Zurich)
Steven Kushner (Erasmus University)
Jose Vicente Sanchez Mut (Miguel Hernández University)
Seung-Hee Lee (KAIST)
Won Do Heo (KAIST)
Yu Hayashi (Kyoto University)
Huan Ma (Zhejiang University)
Cliff Abraham (University of Otago)
Erin Schumann (Max Planck Institutes)
Anna Molofsky (University of California San Francisco)
Mario Penzo (National Institute of Mental Health)
Registration is FREE but required for all participants, including those giving presentations. Please register by November 30th.