[How to join] About Membership

About Membership

  1. Membership requirements and benefits
    Membership to this society is open to applicants who are engaged in research on neuroscience or related fields and who agree to the main outline and activities of this society. Members of this society are able to participate in the activities of or receive the services of this society as listed below.
    1. Research presentations at the Annual Meetings of JNS
    2. Participation in the Annual Meeting of JNS at the special member discount price
    3. Subscription to the Neuroscience News, the official newsletter of JNS
    4. Free subscription to the online version of Neuroscience Research, the official Journal of JNS
  2. Membership type and fee
    Regular Member ・・・ 10,000 JPY per year
    Overseas Regular Member ・・・ 5,000 JPY per year
    Junior Member ・・・ 6,000 JPY per year *
    Overseas Junior Member ・・・ 3,000 JPY per year *
    Student member ・・・ 3,000 JPY per year
    Overseas Student member ・・・ 1,000 JPY per year
    Senior Member ・・・ 5,000 JPY per year*
    *Not available at the time of admission
    (+ one-time admission fee upon joining 3,000 JPY)

    We also welcome Supporting Members who have an interest in and support the activities of this society.

    Information on recruitment of supporting members >>

  3. Application
    Please apply through the following website.
    Online Application
The Secretariat of the Japan Neuroscience Society
E-mail: membership@jnss.org