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Renewal of Student Member / Overseas Student Member for FY 2024

Please Submit Your Student ID and Register Expected Graduation Date

To Student Members/Overseas Student Members,

To confirm your eligibility for student or overseas student membership for the academic year 2024, kindly submit an official proof of enrollment (such as a certificate of enrollment or student ID) that validates your current student status.  Please note that if you do not complete the renewal procedure, your membership status will be automatically changed to Junior Member/Overseas Junior Member for the fiscal year 2024.
Starting in 2024, by registering your student ID and expected graduation date, you will no longer need to undergo the annual renewal process. (Your student membership will remain active throughout your academic tenure.) You will be automatically converted to a Junior Member/Overseas Junior Member from the following year of your expected graduation.
Even if you lose your Student Member/Overseas Student Member status due to graduation or completion of your studies in the middle of the fiscal year, you will be eligible for Student Member/Overseas Young Member status during the fiscal year 2024 if you are a student as of April 1, 2024. However, when attending the Annual Meeting, please pay the registration fee according to your membership status at the time of the meeting, regardless of your membership type.
January 25, 2024-March 25, 2024
Method of application:
Please upload a certificate of enrollment or student ID, etc. from the website for members. Also, please register your expected graduation date. If you do not have your new student ID card, such as in the case of entering graduate school, please submit official documents. For example, your admission permit or acceptance letter, which will serve as proof of enrollment as of April 1st.
Please upload a proof of enrollment or student ID with a valid expiration date. In the case of a student ID, if the expiry date is indicated on the reverse side, kindly provide a copy of both the front and back of the card.
If you cannot upload the data from the website, you may send us the re-registration form by e-mail (student-junior@jnss.org). The subject should be: “Re-registration as a Student Member (your membership number: your name)”. The following items 1 to 5 should be described in the body and item 6 should be attached to the e-mail as a scanned data file (PDF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format, 2MB or below).
  1. Name
  2. Membership number
  3. University and department affiliation
  4. E-mail address
  5. Expected graduation date
  6. Certificate of enrollment or a copy of your student ID (the term of validity should be visible)
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