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Special Rates Offer for FENS Forum 2024 Registration

Members of the Japan Neuroscience Society may take advantage of FENS member rates for the FENS Forum 2024, which will be held in Vienna, Austria from 25 to 29 June 2024.

  • Members shall be in good standing with the JNS annual dues when applying for the special rate.
  • This benefit is only applicable for in-person attendance.
[How to apply] *Please note that the application procedure for regular registration (after February 9) is different from that for early registration (until February 9).
  1. Please email the JNS secretariat as follows:
    • Destination email address:  jns-fens_program@jnss.org
    • Email subject title: FENS Forum 2024 Special Rate Offer
    • Information to be included: Membership ID, member’s Name, and registration category at the time of FENS Forum 2024 participation (Student or Non-Student)
  2. The JNS secretariat will issue a certificate of membership in PDF format and send it to you as an email attachment after we receive your intention of participation.
  3. Complete registration on the FENS Forum website ( https://fensforum.org/ ) by the deadline provided below. In the registration form, select “I am a JNS member” option and upload the certificate of membership in PDF issued in #2 in the step above.
Early Registration: 9 February 2024
Regular Registration: 14 May 2024

For registration Fees, please refer to the link below.
Contact the JNS office with questions at office@jnss.org