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FY2022 Report on the JNS General Assembly

The Japan Neuroscience Society
President: Michisuke Yuzaki
Director of General Affairs: Yoshikazu Isomura
The online general assembly this year was considered a success, with many members participating and providing valuable feedback. We have addressed questions and comments received at the general assembly. Please download and view the PDF file below.
We appreciate your approval of the procedures needed to become a general incorporated association, which was one of the most important items on the agenda. We also appreciate your cooperation in conducting the academic domain survey required for the corporation’s operation. We are committed to implementing the feedback we have received and moving forward to make the Japan Neuroscience Society more open to diversity.
We look forward to receiving feedback from our members in the future.
FY2022 Report on the JNS General Assembly
(Excerpts from Neuroscience News)