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Election results for the 2023 Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that the following members have been elected to the Board of Directors following an election held between November 8 and 22, 2022 (by electronic vote by Regular Members, Overseas Regular Members, Junior Members, and Overseas Junior Members).
(Listed in Japanese syllabary order.)
■New Directors(10 persons)
(Term of office: FY2023 - FY2024)(Re-appointments are possible.)
Domain A. Basic Neuroscience(5 persons)
Hitoshi Okamoto
Mariko Miyata
Rieko Muramatsu
Masashi Yanagisawa
Ayako M. Watabe
Domain B. Systems & Information Neuroscience(3 persons)
Fumi Kubo
Takashi Hanakawa
Masanori Murayama
Domain C. Clinical & Pathological Neuroscience(2 persons)
Ryosuke Takahashi
Kenji Tanaka
■Remaining Directors(10 persons)
(Term of office: FY2023 - FY2024)(Re-appointments are not possible.)
Yoshikazu Isomura
Shigeo Okabe
Tadafumi Kato
Yukiko Goda
Kazuto Kobayashi
Yasunori Hayashi
Hirokazu Hirai
Fumino Fujiyama
Koji Yamanaka
Michisuke Yuzaki
Number of eligible voters :
Number of valid votes :
Voter turnout :
The above new directors (10 New Directors and 10 Remaining Directors) will take office as directors of the current voluntary association in April 2023 and will become directors of the new corporation after approval at the first general assembly of the newly established general incorporated association scheduled in May or June 2023.
Due to the transition to a corporation, the Remaining Directors are elected only at this time, and they cannot be reappointed after the two-year term. The New Directors can be reappointed for another two-year term by a vote of confidence.
Election Management Committee
Secretariat of the Japan Neuroscience Society