[For Members] News from JNS

Notice of Public Incorporation of the JNS

Dear Members of the Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS),
Since its establishment in 1974, our society has been operating as a voluntary organization without a legal personality. The Board of Directors has recently decided to register the JNS as a general incorporated association to ensure fairness and transparency for the members by operating and disclosing information in accordance with laws and regulations. It is also expected to improve the credibility of our society in the eyes of the public as well.
In line with this change, the Articles of the JNS need to be modified. Since its foundation, the Articles have been updated from time to time; however, at this opportunity we would like to make major revisions to the Articles to answer the needs of the times and to further develop this society in the future. Changes could include establishment of the councilor system, new membership categories and election systems for the board of director members and the president.
Using the survey system embedded into the JNS homepage, online and real-time meetings, we would like to hear opinions from members in all generation, genders, and specialties and openly discuss revisions to the Articles. We appreciate your continuous support for this society.
Michisuke Yuzaki
The President of the Japan Neuroscience Society