[For Members] News from JNS

Membership website has been renewed (Your conformation required)

To the members of the Japan Neuroscience Society

We have recently renewed our membership website. Please login to the following new site and check your membership information migrated from the old site at your earliest convenience.

The login ID (membership number) and password are the same as those of the old site.
*Please see Note!! about password at the bottom this letter.

How to check your membership information
After logging in, click on "My Page" in the menu on the left side of the screen and then click on "Profile". Check your membership information and update them with the latest information in "Edit Profile" page if necessary. When you update your profile, please do not forget to click on "Save" button.

For instructions on how to use the new site, please refer to the notes in the "Notice List" that will appear on the page after you log in.

On the new membership site, you can do the following:
 * Pay a membership fee / Check your payment status
  (for the past three years).
 * Download an invoice and a receipt of payment
 * Check the date of admission
 * Request to change membership type
 * Recommend someone for membership
 * Update your profile and contact information
 * Search members
 * Answer questionnaires
 * View Neuroscience News (from the first issue)
 * Send your opinions and requests to the society's office

Note!!: For those who used symbols for passwords on the old site.
On the new site, only six symbols can be used for passwords: "! @ # $* * _" (see below).
! (exclamation mark), @ (at-mark), # (sharp), $ (dollar), * (asterisk), and _ (underscore).

For this reason, all other symbols except for the above six have been converted into underscores (_). When entering your password, please change all symbols except "! @ # $* * _" into underscores (_).

e.g.) Old password: sam#pl.2/! --> New password: sam#pl_2_!
( "
#" and "!" are as they are, but "." and "/" have been converted into underscores "_". )

If you have any questions, please contact us.
The secretariat of the Japanese Society for Neuroscience