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JNS join the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

The Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) is taking the following actions against the COVID-19 pandemic. We also plan to provide you with places for information exchange and mutual cooperation in the case of laboratory closure and resource exhaustion. Let’s overcome this difficulty with all of you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Michisuke Yuzaki,
President of the Japan Neuroscience Society

1) JNS Secretariat
At the request of the Governments of Japan and Tokyo, the staff members of the JNS secretariat and the editorial office of Neuroscience Research work at home as far as possible for the time being. During this period, we cannot answer phone calls. We will respond to emails, but it may take longer than usual. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

2) The latest updates on the 43rd Annual Meeting
Information on the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society to be held in Kobe will be updated by email to JNS members and on the Annual Meeting website, https://neuroscience2020.jnss.org/, by the president and secretariat of the Annual meeting soon.

3) Educational Materials
’Master of Neuroscience” is a series of TED-style enjoyable live presentations for the general public. The program is held on the final day of the past JNS Annual Meetings. Rising stars in the field of neuroscience explain the latest research results with the excitement and attraction obtained from the results. Highly recommended for junior and senior high school students and adults who are interested in neuroscience, especially during the confinement by COVID-19 pandemic.
*Japanese Language Only
Please also refer to the educational contents for students, provided by the Union of Japanese Societies for Biological Science, to which the Japan Neuroscience Society belongs. https://seikaren.org/news/436.html