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Election of Panel Directors

Election of Panel Directors

Dear all the Regular, Overseas Regular, Junior and Overseas Junior members,

As has already been informed through the website and newsletter, the election of new Panel Directors for the next January 2020- December 2022 term is scheduled to be held on the dates stated below. Regular, Overseas Regular, Junior and Overseas Junior members of the Japan Neuroscience Society are eligible for the voting.

Voting Dates: August 20 - September 20, 2019 (Noon JST) The voting closed.

The candidates either having stood or being backed by the Nominating Committee, having been approved by the JNS Board, and having accepted to be candidates are listed at the voting website. By clicking each candidate’ name, you will see his/her affiliation, field of study, CV, publication list, and ambitions.

This election is the most direct and effective way to make your voice heard and make the JNS better society. Please go to the website and cast your vote for your preferrable candidates.

Best wishes,
President of the Japan Neuroscience Society
Tadashi Isa

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