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Announcement of the Awardee of the 2018 Joseph Altman Award
in Developmental Neuroscience

We here extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following awardee of the 2018 Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience.

The award ceremony and lecture will be held during the 41st Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society in Kobe Japan.

Guillermina López-Bendito
Institute of Neuroscience, Alicante, Spain


Submitted articles:
Moreno-Juan V, Filipchuk A, Antón-Bolaños N, Mezzera C, Gezelius H, Andrés B, Rodríguez-Malmierca L, Susin R, Schaad O, Iwasato T, Schuële R, Rutlin M, Nelson S, Ducret S, Valdeolmillos M, Rijli FM, López-Bendito G (2017) Prenatal thalamic waves regulate cortical area size prior to sensory processing. Nature Communications 8:14172

Mire E, Mezzera C, Leyva-Díaz E, Paternain AV, Squarzoni P, Bluy L, Castillo-Paterna M, López MJ, Peregrín S, Tessier-Lavigne M, Garel S, Galcerán J, Lerma J, López-Bendito G (2012) Spontaneous activity regulates Robo1 transcription to mediate a switch thalamocortical axon growth. Nature Neuroscience 15:1134-43

López-Bendito G, Cautinat A, Sanchez JA, Bielle F, Flames N, Garrat AN, Tagmale D, Role LW, Charnay P, Marin O, Garel S (2006) Tangential neuronal migration controls axon guidance: a role for neuregulin-1 in thalamocortical axon navigation. Cell 125:127-142.