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Announcement of the 2024 JNS-CNS Travel Award Program Awardees

The Call for Application of 2024 JNS-CNS Travel Award Program to attend the 17th Annual Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS) was closed on March 4th, 2024. Highly qualified applications were received, and the selection was made following a rigorous assessment by the International Collaboration Affairs Committee of the JNS (Member list is indicated below).
We here extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following 6 awardees of the Year 2024:
Iyo Koyanagi
"International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine(IIIS), University of Tsukuba"
Yuanjun Luo
"Tokyo Medical and Dental University"
Yuheng Yang
"Department of Physiology, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine"
Yifeng Xu
"Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University"
Xiyang Sun
"RIKEN, Center for Brain Science";
Wang Haiyan
"Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama"
"Research Center for Idling Brain Science, University of Toyama"
"CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), University of Toyama"
The awardees will each receive up to 1,000 USD and complementary registration for the meeting by the CNS.
The selection was based on the following criteria:
  1. In addition to evaluating the submitted abstract and motivation letter, past scientific achievements of the applicants were taken into consideration, as all awardees are expected to represent JNS at the 17th Annual Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society.
  2. A final decision was made by secret votes by each of the committee members (the conflict of interest was considered). However, if and when needed, the diversity of research fields, affiliations and gender were considered during the selection process.
If you have any opinions or comments on this award, please contact the JNS office (office@jnss.org)
March 28, 2024
The International Collaboration Affairs Committee of the JNS,
Chair Yukiko Goda
Members HaruhikoBito
Hajime Hirase
Joshua P. Johansen
Yasushi Okamura
Naoya Takahashi
Keiko Tanaka-Yamamoto
Yoko Yazaki-sugiyama