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The neurobiology of feeding behavior –
postdoc positions available

Lagerlöf Lab at Umeå University in Sweden is seeking two postdoctoral fellows to study the neurobiology of feeding behavior. The positions start in January 2022 or by agreement.
At Umeå University you will experience an attractive and creative academic and research environment that is characterised by excellence, innovation, openness and diversity. We rank among the top universities in the world and are committed to providing our employees with unique opportunities for professional and personal development. More than 2000 researchers and 34 700 students have chosen Umeå University already. You are welcome too!
Project description
As a postdoctoral fellow you will learn to lead a project asking how the brain regulates food intake. We approach feeding behavior on a molecular, neuronal circuit and behavioral level. Our goal is to analyze food intake from molecule to mind deciphering how the brain encodes mental states such as hunger and satiety. Focus will be discovering novel neuro-molecular mechanisms by which neurons in the brain communicate to influence what, when and how much we eat. Different projects involve analyzing molecular function, map and manipulate neuronal circuits and decipher animal behavior. For motivated candidates it is also possible to develop your project to investigate eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and obesity. As a researcher in our lab you will gain critical insight to why we eat in the way we do and a versatile platform for future careers in science.
Further information
For further information about the positions contact Assistant Professor Olof Lagerlöf at olof.lagerlof@umu.se.
To apply
Deadline is 17 November 2021.
We look forward to your application!