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Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience for Scientific English Teaching at the University of Tsukuba, Japan

The Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, seeks an experienced scientist in behavioral neuroscience to teach scientific English courses in Neuroscience Graduate Program, as Assistant, Associate or Full Professor for a maximum of five years, starting as early as December 1, 2021.
The successful applicant should have a PhD degree and experience in mentoring graduate students, reviewing research grants, serving as a reviewer for international scientific journals in the field of behavioral neuroscience, in addition to strong publication record in his/her own research field. Main duties will be teaching of scientific English writing/presentation classes in Neuroscience graduate program and introductory lectures in behavioral neuroscience and experimental psychology for both undergraduate and graduate programs. There will be no secure research funds provided but it is possible to apply for external research funds and develop one's own research project. Japanese communication skill is desired but not required to apply.
There will be no renewal of the contract beyond five years from the start date. Faculty rank and salary will be determined by the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. All benefits and visa support will be provided based on University rules. Working place is the Tsukuba campus of the University of Tsukuba, located in Tsukuba city, which can be easily accessed from the center of Tokyo and the Narita International Airport.
Submit the following documents through JREC-IN portal site (forms and instructions can be download at the site; https://jrecin.jst.go.jp/seek/SeekTop?ln=1, Data Number: D121051427) by July 30, 2021. Application documents will not be returned.
  1.  CV (Use Form No. 3 "Curriculum Vitae")
  2.  Five major publication list (Use Form No. 4 "Research Achievement Record")
  3.  All professional research activities (Refer "Complete Research Achievement Record" form)
  4.  Other relevant experience (Use Form No. 5 "Achievement Record in the Areas of Education, Technical Skills, and Practical Work")
  5.  Statement on teaching and research goals (Use Form No. 6 "Education and Research Plan and Future Prospects")
  6.  PDF files of five major publication listed in 2)
Successful candidates will be contacted for online interview. Results will be notified by email.
Contact Information: Behavioral Neuroscience Search Committee, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, fifth-kobo@human.tsukuba.ac.jp