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Post-doctoral Fellow in Developmental Neuroscience at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC

Position Title:
Post-doctoral Fellow in Developmental Neuroscience at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC
A postdoctoral fellow position is available for a project led by Dr. Haydar in collaboration with Dr. Ishibashi through the Center for Neuroscience Research at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC. A major focus is the study of how forebrain stem and progenitor cells generate the extraordinary level of neuronal diversity and structural complexity using novel animal models.
The full-time research fellow will work on our collaborative and innovative studies. Tools for state-of-the-art imaging together with cutting edge cellular/molecular analyses are available including gene expression profiling, in utero electroporation, patch clamp electrophysiology, laser scanning microscopy and cognitive behavioral testing. In addition to techniques utilized in the Haydar lab and Ishibashi lab, there are opportunities to collaborate and learn various techniques used by other investigators at the Center for Neuroscience Research. The Center is a highly collaborative environment and offers outstanding core facilities in microscopy/imaging, genomics/bioinformatics and animal behavior.
Please learn more about the programs through our website:
The postdoc will join a collegial, collaborative and highly productive team studying pediatric brain development.
Candidates should be highly motivated and focused.
Desired qualifications include:
  • PhD, or equivalent degree in Neuroscience
  • Experience in developmental neuroscience (beneficial, but not necessary)
Applicants should submit:
  • CV with publications,
  • Statement of research interests and experience, and
  • Letters from references
These documents should be sent to:
Tarik Haydar, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Neuroscience Research
Nobuyuki Ishibashi, M.D.
Principal Investigator, Center for Neuroscience Research