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Postdoctoral fellow in decision neuroscience

Bolton Chau’s lab (based in Hong Kong) is recently recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to join the lab at an exciting phase (new projects, brand new 3T fMRI scanner) to study the neural mechanisms underlying multi-option decision making. Examples projects include:
• Neural mechanisms of information sampling during multiple option decision making
• Mechanisms underlying value-based decision making: mechanistic link with map-like representations in vmPFC and entorhinal cortex (spatial, grid cell-like representations; collaborating with Dr. Rob Mok at Cambridge University)
The post will be based in Hong Kong, with possibility to visit collaborators in the UK or Japan.

Our research:
In our modern lives, it is very common that we make decisions between a large number of options. However, our knowledge about neural mechanisms of decision making is mainly based on experiments that involve a few options. Hence, recently our research focuses on investigating whether these mechanisms are generalizable to decisions with many options. We are interested in understanding how choice information is sampled from large sets of options and how information is used to guide decision making. Our projects involve collaboration with researchers from places such as Oxford, Cambridge and Osaka.

- Obtained (or about to obtain) a PhD in psychology, neuroscience, computer science or related areas
- Experience in or interested in decision neuroscience
- Experience in computer programming is essential (e.g. Matlab, Python)
- Experience in one of the following techniques: fMRI, EEG, TMS, eye tracking or computational modelling.

Start date
Flexible and ideally in summer/autumn 2020.

To apply:
Please send your CV to bolton.chau@polyu.edu.hk and a cover letter that briefly describes your research experience and interests.