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An assistant professor position
(Laboratory for Advanced Brain Functions, Division of
Integrated Protein Functions),
Institute for Protein Research (IPR), Osaka University

IPR invites qualified applicants for the vacant position described below:

IPR is a research institute that conducts ground-breaking life science research with creative approaches and innovative technologies based on structures and functions of proteins. IPR also contributes to the scientific community as a Joint-Usage/Research Center, which promotes collaborative research activities with domestic and international scientists. In order to develop above-mentioned activities as well as to explore novel areas of life science research, IPR is seeking for a successful researcher to fill an assistant professor position in the Laboratory for Advanced Brain Functions, Division of Integrated Protein Functions. The aims of the Laboratory for Advanced Brain Functions are to find the molecular and circuit mechanisms in advanced brain functions and pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric diseases. For this purpose, we perform systems neuroscience approach using circuit-specific manipulation and imaging, and several mouse models of neuropsychiatric diseases.

Position: Assistant professor 1 Person

Qualifications: An applicant must have Ph.D. in related field/s (or expected by the starting date)

Job description:

  1. Conducting research in the area of expertise, in particular, systems, behavioral, and/or pathological neuroscience.
  2. Teaching graduate and undergraduate students from School of Sciences, and Graduate School of Medicine, of Osaka University.
  3. Services for the Joint-Usage/Research Center
  4. Administrative jobs in IPR and Osaka University

Location: 3-2 Yamadaoka Suita, Osaka 565-0871

Start of employment: Earliest date after the selection

Term of Employment: 5 years (The term may be extended according to the result of the evaluation, but only once)

Trial period: 6 months

Employment Form: The Discretionary Labor System, Special Work Type is applied. (Deemed working hours: 8 hours/day)
*Based on the ‘Regulations Pertaining to Working Hours, Holidays and Leave for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff.’

Salary and benefits: Based on the ‘Salary Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff’.

Insurance: Successful candidate will join National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations, Employment Insurance and Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance.

Application documents:
Please prepare the following documents (A4 size) as PDF format and submit an electronic media (CD, DVD etc.) containing the documents:

  1. CV with photograph and e-mail (contact address)
  2. List of publications* (papers, reviews and books) and presentation (as invited to scientific meetings/conferences). Authors, title, name of journal, volume, pages, year should be included with the applicant’s name underlined.
  3. List of scientific grants and external funds
  4. Description on 1. Past research and achievement; 2. Future plan of research and their perspectives; 3. Contribution to education and Joint-Usage/Research (total ~3 pages in A4).
  5. Summaries of 3 (or less) most important papers (within 300 words in each with implication to relevant fields). Reprints in PDF file must be attached.
  6. Names of references (at least two scientists), who directly know the applicant well: During the selection process, we may reach these persons and inquire about the applicant and/or request a recommendation letter. If the recommendation letter cannot be obtained, the candidate may become disqualified.

CV and other documents should be written either in English or Japanese.
Application documents will not be returned.

Deadline of application: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Application address:
Please send an application to the following address as a registered mail and mark “Application for Assistant Professor (Laboratory for Advanced Brain Functions) of IPR” in red ink on the envelope.

General Affairs Section, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University
3-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-8594

Inquiry on the position:
Takatoshi Hikida, Professor of Institute for Protein Research, Chairman of Selection Committee
Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-8621
E-mail: hikida[a]protein.osaka-u.ac.jp (change [a] to @).

Additional Information:
Concerning work conditions, please refer to “Work Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff” and related regulations.

IPR, Osaka University promotes gender equality. We encourage applicants from women.

Recruiter: National University Corporation Osaka University