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Banner ad

  1. We have about a daily access of 3,000 to our website and most users are neuroscience researchers. We provide the space for your banner advertisement at the top page. This banner space is for leading companies and non-profitable organizations that support neuroscience research. Website Editing Committee will consider and decide whether to accept banner advertisement on our website.
  2. Cost: 10,000 JPY/ month – a 12- month package Short-term package is available for only non-profitable organizations.
  3. Contact homepage@jnss.org with questions and requests for posting your ads.

Website Links
  1. Links to other website
    • ① We do not accept any links to profitable organizations’ or/and individual websites.
    • ② Basically, links to websites of universities, institutions and other non-profitable organizations are acceptable. Contact homepage@jnss.org with questions and requests for posting links to your websites.
  2. Links to our website
    You may post your links to our website https://www.jnss.org/en/ after notification to homepage@jnss.org. Website Editing Committee shall not give permission to or shall block out, if necessary, the unsavory links to spam/scam and malware downloads, if they regard the links as beneath the dignity of our society.