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Banner Advertisement Application Guidelines
The Japan Neuroscience Society provides the space for your banner advertisement on the official website. We have around 3,000 daily access on our website, which is characterized by that most access is by neuroscience researchers including JNS members and non-members. The banner space is for leading companies and non-profitable organizations that support neuroscience research. Please note that the Website Committee will consider and decide based on your application whether or not to accept your advertisement posting request.
1. Advertising media name:
Website of the Japan Neuroscience Society
2. Advertising media format:
Banner advertisement
3. Website URL:
4. Where and how a banner advertisement appears:
A banner advertisement will appear in a different position of the bottom of the pages each time you look at.
5. Banner advertisement size:
160 by 80 pixels per advertisement
6. Cost to post an advertisement:
120,000 yen per year (from April to March of the next year)
  • If your advertisement starts to be posted from the middle of the year, we will charge you on a monthly basis.
7. How to apply:
Please email the following information to the address for application.
[Information to be included in an application email]
  1. Company name or organization name
  2. Purpose and content of your banner advertisement(The data of the banner to be posted is acceptable if you already have the data ready.)
  3. Contact information (Name of a person in charge, phone number, and email address)
8. Period of posting:
In principle, a banner advertisement will be posted for one year, 12 months from April to March of the next year. Short-term package is available for only non-profitable organizations.
9. Data submission format:
  1. File format: GIF or JPEG *GIF animation is not acceptable.
    • Please create still image data for new application or updates.
  2. File size: 50Kbytes or so
10. How to submit data:
Please prepare data in the size and format described above and send us the data as an email attachment with a hyperlink destination. Please note in advance that we may not accept your posting request or may ask you to make corrections if what a banner advertisement means is different from the content at the time of application.
11. Contact and inquiry
The Japan Neuroscience Society Secretariat
Hongo Bldg. 9F
7-2-2, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3813-0272
FAX: +81-3-3813-0296
Website Links
1. Links to other website
  • We do not accept any links to profitable organizations’ or/and individual websites.
  • Basically, links to websites of universities, institutions and other non-profitable organizations are acceptable. Contact homepage@jnss.org with questions and requests for posting links to your websites.
2. Links to our website
You may post your links to our website https://www.jnss.org/en/ after notification to homepage@jnss.org. Website Editing Committee shall not give permission to or shall block out, if necessary, the unsavory links to spam/scam and malware downloads, if they regard the links as beneath the dignity of our society.