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International Symposium:
The Role of Pain in Bodily Defense and Autonomy

Date: 20 - 22 January, 2020
Venue: Center for Information and Neural Networks (CiNet, Osaka University)

URL and FREE registration: https://sites.google.com/view/painsymposium2019/home
Program: https://sites.google.com/view/painsymposium2019/home/program

Abstract: How does the brain generate the conscious perception of pain, and how does this help protect our bodily integrity? This interdisciplinary workshop bringing together researchers to discuss pain, action, and movement. Talks will range from understanding the theoretical basis of defensive systems in autonomous control, understanding the function of action and pain in health and disease.

Ben Seymour (Cambridge University, CiNet/NICT)
Nobuhiro Hagura (CiNet/NICT)
Takufumi Yanagisawa (Osaka University)

Invited Speakers
Rebeccah Slater (Oxford University)
Sven Bestmann (UCL)
Victoria Chapman (Nottingham University)
Gareth Hathway (Nottingham University)
Markus Ploner (Munich University)
Sang Wan Lee (KAIST)
Francesca Fardo (Aarhus University)
Stella Koutsikou (Kent University)
Abby Tabor (Bath University)
Flavia Mancini (Cambridge University)
Vicky Root (Oxford, UCL)
Josh Johansen (RIKEN CBS)
Tatsuya Umeda (NCNP)
Masaya Hirashima (CiNet/NICT)
Tsuyoshi Ikegami (Columbia University, CiNet/NICT)

Sponsors: ERATO, Versus Arthritis, IITP
Organising Institutions: NICT, CiNet, Osaka University.