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Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society-Asia 2019 Symposium
“Advances in Molecular and Cellular Cognition Research”

2019/9/19 – 20
Mokam Hall, Bldg. 500 1F, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University Gwanak Campus

The Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (MCCS) is an international organization focused on fostering exchanges in the field of Molecular and Cellular Cognition, with headquarters in North America, and major branches in Asia and Europe. The aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for prominent experts from both overseas and local scientists, especially members of KSBNS, to discuss and share the latest developments in molecular, cellular and systemic aspects of cognition in health and disease.

Confirmed speakers: Ted Abel (University of Iowa, USA), Angel Barco (University Miguel Hernández, Spain), Anna Beyeler (MIT, USA), Guoqiang Bi (USTC, China), Haruhiko Bito (Univ of Tokyo, Japan), Denise Cai (Mount Sinai, USA), Alain Chedotal (INSERM, France), Mauro Costa-Mattioli (Bayler, USA), Paul Frankland (Sickkids hospital, Canada), Jin-Hee Han (KAIST, Korea), Kaoru Inokuchi (Univ of Toyama, Japan), Mazen Kheirbek (UCSF, USA), Hyoung Kim (SNU, Korea), Sang Jeong Kim (SNU, Korea), Eric Klann (NYU, USA), Ja Wook Koo (KBRI, Korea), Anatol Kreitzer (UCSF, USA), Hye Young Lee (UT Health Science San Antonio, USA), Seung-Hee Lee (KAIST, Korea), Suk-Ho Lee (Seoul National University, Korea), Yong-Seok Lee (Seoul National University, Korea), Tsuyoshi Miyakawa (Fujita Medical Univ, Japan), Karim Nader (McGill University, Canada), Noriko Osumi (Tohoku Univ, Japan), Pojeong Park (SNU, Korea), Jelena Radulovic (Northwestern Univ, USA), Kimiko Shimizu (Univ. of Tokyo), and Alcino J. Silva (UCLA, USA).

Registration is free but required, please register by 1 August 2019 at KSBNS website (www.ksbns.org).

This symposium will be co-organized by MCCS-Asia and the synapse section of the KSBNS. This satellite meeting is generously supported by Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation.

Contact:Yong-Seok Lee, PhD (Seoul National University) yongseok7@gmail.com