[Member Only] Withdrawal, Leave of absence and Readmission

Please submit the document to our office by e-mail or postal mail.

Application for change of membership status (MS Word)

The Secretariat of the Japan Neuroscience Society
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Email: office@jnss.org

※Leave of absence (an excerpt from the Bylaws of the Japan Neuroscience Society, Supplementary Provisions 7)

Members may take a leave-of-absence for a year from the Society when they take maternity or child-care leave, by submitting a leave-of-absence notification and having this approved by the Society. During the period of the leave-of-absence, the member shall be exempt from payment of membership fees, but shall be subject to restrictions regarding his or her membership rights. The period of leave-of-absence can be extended for another year, by a notification, but up to the maximum of five years. Without notification of extension presented to the Society, the member shall lose his or her membership at the end of the period of leave-of-absence. The member shall submit a notification of return when ending the leave-of-absence. In this event, no recommendation by a Regular Member or payment of a readmission fee shall be required.