[Member Only] Overseas Membership/ Domestic Membership

Change from Regular to Overseas

*We are sorry but change of membership type is not available now due to the system renewal. Applications will resume from December 1, 2020.
Individual who resides overseas may choose the membership category from Overseas Regular, Junior or Student. Please note the following points:
  • Neuroscience News is only available via website. Paper version is no longer available.
  • You do not have a right to run for the JNS board.
  • The paid dues will not be reimbursed even if any change may happen within the fiscal year.
  • If you are living overseas, the category shall not be changed without any requests.
  • You need update your information and make a request for the category change when moving or returning to Japan.

Change from Overseas to Regular
  • The paid dues will not be reimbursed even if any change may happen within the fiscal year.

  • You may not request for any changes in past fiscal years. Only a change is available within the current fiscal year.
 Membership Categories: http://www.jnss.org/categories

[Payment Method]
The Japan Neuroscience Society will charge the annual membership fee on your credit card. Please note that only Master and Visa cards are acceptable. Please send your credit card information as follows (For security, please send your credit card information with password protection.)
Card holder’s name:
Card number:
Expiration date:

You should send your credit card information via email (a single file attachment by email) to JNS at office@jnss.org
Please save the file: Your (Temporal) Membership ID + your name.docx or .pdf.
Title of the mail: Application for the JNS membership

[Annual membership dues]
 Regular・・・10,000 JPY
 Overseas Regular・・・ 5,000 JPY
 Junior・・・ 6,000 JPY
 Overseas Junior・・・ 3,000 JPY
 Student・・・ 3,000 JPY
 Overseas Student・・・ 1,000 JPY

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