[Public Outreach] Official Mascot

We were asking the public for mascot design ideas for the Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) through our website and design competition information websites last fall and received 186 ideas in total. We received many great design ideas from both professionals and amateurs in a wide range generation, and many of those were consistent with the aim of the call for design ideas; ‘the design of the official mascot of the JNS should be friendly, which makes ordinary people, high-school students and university students interested in and feel attached to the mascot’. Thank you for all of you submitting your ideas.

First, the Public Relations Committee narrowed down the ideas submitted to 30 candidates in the first screening after careful consideration including opinions from ordinary people including students. Next, online voting to these candidates by JNS members was conducted as the second screening between January 17, 2019 and February 20, 2019. In parallel with this, the similar online vote by nearly 500 students of junior high schools, senior high schools, universities and academies was also conducted.

Finally, we decided to adopt the following three designs as the official mascot of the society; (Works No. 27) which won in first place in the vote by members,  (Works No. 16) which was most popular among junior and high school students, and  (Works No. 1) which was second most popular among university and academy students. (Most popular design in the vote by students was the same as in the vote by members.)

The designs adopted will be used in outreach activities, printed materials, website, annual meetings, etc. of the JNS.

We really appreciate the cooperation of all of you, regardless of members or non-members, in voting for the selection of the mascot design.

1st place prize
Works No. 27
Author: Kohei Asano
Excellent work prize
Works No. 16
Author: Chisa Ninomiya
Excellent work prize
Works No. 1
Author: Katsuya Ikeda